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Dodge Ram 1500 4x4

- 5,7 l Hemi V8 - 291 kw (396 PS)

- 4x4 all-wheel drive (disengageable)

- 5.7-Liter V8 HEMI® VVT Engine, 396 PS

- Automatic transmission

- Limited-slip differential at the rear

- Automatic climate control

- Parking assistant with rear camera

Basic configuration:

Light warning system:

LED roof warning system: LED 10x5 - 360°
LED rear warning system: LED 4x6 - in in loading area cover

Loading area Cover:

- gas pressure spring
- Aluminium frame
- Loading area cover LED light

On-board power supply extension

- Battery: 12 V / 39 AH / 500 CCA


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Extinguishment Package:

- extinguishes burning vehicles quickly and effectively
- No chemicals, refilling only with water
- High-pressure water mist extinguishing system
- Water flow of approx. 40l / min

e-unit loeschpaket e-unit loeschpaket2

Package contains of:

- Carbon water tank (ca. 300l)

- High-pressure water pump (20 KW)

- V2A rapid-deployment hose reel with hose

- Spray pistol

- Control panel in passenger compartment and load area

- BUS-Control


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Rescue Equipment Package:

- enable the rescue of people trapped in their cars
- enable first aid
- Cutting force 47,5 t

e-unit Rettungspaket e-unit Rettungspaket2

Package contains of:

- hydraulic high-pressure system (700 Bar)

- Spreader-cutter combination device (47,5 t)

- V2A rapid-deployment hose reel

- High-pressure double hose

- High-pressure single coupling, quickly exchangeable

- Rescue equipment holder, with dual safety

- Hydraulic rescue cylinder (27 t)


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Rescue Package:

- Vehicles can be rescued or secured
- Levelling of crash barriers
- Securing of vehicles against falling

e-unit Berge-Paket e-unit Berge-Paket2

Package contains of:

- Hydraulic cable winch, max. tensile force of approx. 3,5t

- Cable length 25m

- Winch freewheel, elektro-pneumatic

- Guidence slot with spring loading

- Front- and rear towing device

- Control panel with joystick in passenger compartment

- BUS control


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Pneumatics Package:

- Enables using of pneumatic tools
- E.g. cutting of safety seats

e-unit Pneumatik-Paket e-unit Pneumatik-Paket2

Package contains of:

- Vane compressor, 10 Bar ca. 180 l/min

- Compressed air tank, 20 l

- V2A automatic retraction hose reel with hose, approx. 12 m

- Control panel in passenger compartment and load area

- Quick exchangeable

- BUS control


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Binder Package:

- Put binders on material traces while driving, approx. 1 km
- Control amount and width
- Marshalls don't need to get out of the car
- oil traces of up to 1000 m length can be bound during the drive with one fill, approx. 60 km/h

e-unit Bindemittel-Paket e-unit Bindemittel-Paket2

Package contains of:

- Carbon binder tank, approx. 180 l

- Spreading unit, with amount and width regulation

- Cleaning device*, pneumatic

- Control panel in passenger compartment

- BUS control

* only in combination with the pneumatics package


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Handling Package:

- Specially designed for race tracks
- Optimises the handling of the vehicle and thereby significantly improves the driving safety
- Increased braking force
- More Safety for your marshalls

e-unit Handling-Paket e-unit Handling-Paket2

Package contains of:

- 6-piston break system, front axle

- Brake discs, ø 380 mm, front axle

- Stainless steel brake hose, front axle

- Coil-over suspension system, rear and front axle

- Reinforced stabilisers, rear and front axle

- Race track tyres


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Interior Package:

- Optimised safety features for the passengers
- Makes it possible to safely and neatly stow equipment and tools
- Optimised for race tracks: metal fire extinguisher

e-unit Innenraum-Paket e-unit Innenraum-Paket2

Package contains of:

- Safety seats

- 4-point safety belts

- Reinforced belt tensioners

- Pilot cabinet with interior light

- Heavy-duty extension

- Metal fire extinguisher, 12 kg


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Communication Package:

- Comfortable control, additional aid and monitoring possibilities of the vehicle systems
- Quickly communicate with other rescue forces and the mission control
- Operations can be documented efficiently with camera HD video system

e-unit Kommunikations-Paket e-unit Kommunikations-Paket2

Package contains of:

- Touch screen control

- User guidance

- Extended system monitoring

- HD camera video system

- Pre-equipping for installing a radio system


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