Rescue Equipment Package


  • enables the rescue of people trapped in their cars
  • enables first aid
  • Cutting force 47,5 t


E-Unit Rettungsschere

Package contains of:

  • hydraulic high-pressure system (700 Bar)
  • Spreader-cutter combination device (47,5 t)
  • V2A rapid-deployment hose reel
  • High-pressure double hose
  • High-pressure single coupling, quickly exchangeable
  • Rescue equipment holder, with dual safety
  • Hydraulic rescue cylinder (27 t)
  • Bus-Control


The installation of a high-pressure hydraulic system and a spreader-cutter enable the rescue of people trapped in their cars
This rescue equipment is ready to use without further preparations, because it is connected with the hydraulic system of
the vehicle via the rapid deployment hose reel.

 E-Unit Rettungsschere