Rescue Package


  • Vehicles can be rescued or secured
  • Levelling of crash barriers
  • Securing of vehicles against falling
E-Unit Windenpaket

Package contains of:

  • Hydraulic cable winch, max. tensile force of approx. 3,5t
  • Cable, length 25m
  • Winch freewheel, elektro-pneumatic
  • Guidence slot with spring loading
  • Front- and rear towing device
  • Control panel with joystick in passenger compartment
  • BUS control
 E-Unit Windenpaket


With the powerful hydraulic cable winch, vehicles can be rescued or secured. Another field of application is the levelling
of crash barriers or mobile track barriers. The cable winch is integrated in the front of the vehicle, behind the outer elements
of the front spoiler (hidden system).

 E-Unit Bergepaket